北京的照片 pictures from beijing

here are some pictures from my time so far in Beijing…


It’s the biggest public square in the entire world and  arguably the most important political and cultural space in China, Tiananmen. Please note the color of the sky, that isn’t rain or clouds…that’s sweet pollution. My lungs are in love.




On seeing these cameras in Tiananmen I reluctantly put the Democracy is swell pamphlets I was planning to hand out back in my pockets. Tiananmen is China’s pride and joy and as THE place where political unrest has developed in the past, the government wants to know what is going on.

Construction, it is all over Beijing and the entire country of China. Don’t count on any roped off “Hard Hat” zones here, you just kind of run into these giant piles of stone or even better guys jackhammering away or welding up a storm (literally of sparks).

While a new Beijing is being built remnants of the past are constantly being neglected or torn down. This “Friendship Hotel” was on the side of a rather abandoned Hutong (cramp narrow alleyways where people work and live) that construction crews were essentially ripping apart. While lots of organizations and people  are working to protect pieces of the past, the truth is Beijing is sacrificing its own history while flinging itself towards modernity.

the abandoned looking Hutong neighborhood I randomly explored

A piece of Ming dynasty city wall that I checked out after finding that the Beijing Underground City (think giant bomb shelter with movie theatre, hospital, school, the works… built during the cold war) that is closed for repairs for the next year. There is a little park and some flowers beside it but really no one pays attention to it. I thought it interesting that the city has practically swallowed up this ancient relic and no one really pays attention to it while they commute to work or are out shopping.

The shopping center, Xidan. Everything is too expensive so not really that into this place. Lots of people though, and tons of foreigners


Huge pagoda on Peking University’s campus. I wish Bowdoin had something this cool but I guess Coles tower half counts.


Bridge and lake in the Summer Palace, essentially the emperor’s vacation home (palace?) right outside of Beijing. Once again, please note the sky.


For all the art history majors out there here is a cool painting I found in the 798 art district.


more artsy things I don’t actually understand

Yep, that woman is suspending a giant beam with two girls sitting on it in the air with her legs. No big deal.


That’s just a taste of Beijing!


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