我和中国 me and china

My childhood was irrationally filled with fantasies of Asia and San Francisco. No joke, from a very young age on I was  fixated  with a city in California and the entire  continent of Asia. There were no visible reasons why I was so preoccupied with two seemingly unrelated places but the feelings just wouldn’t shake as I continued to grow up. My parents even agree, these two places always seemed to be in the back of my mind during my childhood . To a kid growing up in Maine, these two places felt literally removed from me, completely  unobtainable. Asia seemed especially distant, this giant chunk of land on the map with these millions of people I knew nothing about. It really only the times when I watched Jackie Chan movies with my dad or mindlessly spun the globe during school thinking about where I would go or end up when I grew up.

It’s just funny how these little things during your childhood can play such a big role in the choices you make and things you do when you get older.

I just sort of remembered this today and needed a break from writing about AIDS in Chinese so I wanted to share this little story.


1 Response to “我和中国 me and china”

  1. 1 Dinox
    October 6, 2010 at 7:56 pm

    When I was a little kid, the land which was calling me and now still calling me is the western world. Now I’m here, it’s just so happy inside entirely.

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