So this week I have been spending my time in Xian living my my American friend’s Chinese roommate’s Uncle’s house (too complicated).  We have spent the week visiting cool tourist spots, museums, and other places in and around Xian. Xian is a nice change of pace from the relaxed stress-free lifestyle of the people of Chengdu and the hyper commercialized fast-pace of Shanghai. Coming to this city was an amazing opportunity to live with a Chinese family and learn more about modern Chinese culture and life while taking time to visit some significant historical sites.

Xian is a city brimming with history as it is the current capital of the Shanxi province and the past capital of 13 dynasties. Those 13 dynasties span over 3000 years. That is a really long time! It is difficult to comprehend and understand such a rich and old history but we jumped right in by exploring some very significant Qin (221-206 BC) and Tang (618-907 AD) dynasty sites.

The most interesting site we visited this week was definitely the 兵马俑 (Terracotta Warriors). The Terracotta Warriors are part of 秦始皇 (The first emperor of China) elaborate tomb. He unified China and ended the Warring States period and therefore deserved a really awesome tomb (and he got it!). The English guide we hired told us all about the perfect Feng Shui of the tomb’s location (jade and mountains on one side, water and gold on the other) and the huge amount of work that went into making the tomb (over 700,000 workers). We sat transfixed on the elaborate story she told us as we waited in line, but as we entered pit one and saw this amazing sight our jaws completely dropped.

We walked into a hulking aircraft sized building housing pit 1 which houses 6000 warriors and horses (only 1000 have been unearthed) and saw the motionless assembly of soldiers below me.

The Terracotta warriors were an amazing site and I am so so so so fortunate to be able to see one of the world’s coolest places. Xian was a great way to finish out my travelling and had such interesting things to do and see.


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  1. 1 lz
    September 7, 2010 at 1:59 pm


    accidentally stumbled upon this from bowdoin’s twitter updates, xi’an is my hometown! felt so nostalgic after seeing just those pictures heh. really glad you managed to learn about the terracota warriors because i think that’s the most representative feature from my city.

    enjoy yourself! 🙂


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