熊猫 Pandas!


Yesterday I experienced arguably the cutest 3 hours of my life when we explored Chengdu’s Panda Base research center. This is Chengdu’s main tourist attraction and our visit to the city would not complete with out seeing the giant bear-cats.

We woke up bright and early to meet the van in front of the hostel. This trip was arranged by our hostel so they provided transportation and the entry ticket for a relatively cheap price. After a 30 minute ride from the city (traffic doesn’t scare me so much anymore) we arrived at the panda place.

After a 15 minute walk on really nice carved out stone paths with overhanging bamboo shoots blocking the sunlight we made it to our first panda pen. There cuteness was undeniably infectious. Within a minute every man, woman, and child was pointing, giggling, and making little coos (baby talk even) at these pandas. People could not control themselves. A panda eating bamboo elicited laughs from the crowd while a panda climbing a tree made people jump up and down almost screaming because the cuteness was too much for our brains to process.

After seeing pandas for a bit we got to watch a video in a little cafe (they wanted us to order food) about panda births. It was a little strange to watch pandas giving birth on a big screen in a little tea cafe (only in China?). It was like health class all over again but with pandas. But it was sort of interesting even if a little too weird for my tastes. The British guy narrating the documentary was pretty into it though.

After that we got to go to the panda museum where I saw interesting and historically accurate exhibits like this (what does this have to do with pandas?):

After that we were ushered into a little room and urged to buy and send panda postcards (the little panda stamps were too much, I bit). Overall this was a very enjoyable little trip. Pandas are really cute (especially the babies that we couldn’t photograph) and we had a good time chatting with the tour guide and other tourists and sharing our love for the panda.


Here is a video of a panda doing something foolish.


2 Responses to “熊猫 Pandas!”

  1. 1 Laurie Malcolm
    August 23, 2010 at 9:48 pm

    I am having a wonderful time following your blog. The pandas are adorable, and I am so impressed by all you’ve experienced. I didn’t have 1/10th the courage you do at this age to strike off around the world to learn and soak it all in. What a life changer. I’ll keep up with all your posts!!

  2. 2 gcheung28
    August 25, 2010 at 3:03 am

    i think i might have gone to this panda place tomorrow. i also may or may not have bought a panda keychain and postcards hahaha

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