夏天的CET 结束了吗? Summer CET is Finished?

These 6 or 7 weeks in Hangzhou have absolutely flown by as I only have 3 more days of classes left and then my final. I seriously think that this time here in Hangzhou has gone by too quickly but I am satisfied with the progress and growth (both personally and with my Chinese skills) that I have had in this place.

I already have so many unforgettable memories: the stress-infused wonderment of my arrival in Hangzhou, meeting and creating an awesome friendship with my roommate, traveling to 舟山 (Zhoushan), getting accustomed to small daily rituals that make life in China so different than in America (food!), riding busses around late at night and just seeing and taking in the city, going out to bars with my friends and having to dodge the (sometimes agressive) advances of Asian women, seeing the 西湖 (West Lake)  for the first time, getting stuck in huge thunderstorms, getting up at 5:30AM to go to my karate course and even some good times I’ve had in the classroom or staying up really late writing characters over and over (and over) again frantically trying to remember them for the next day’s test.

There is so much that I have done and learned already in China, I can’t even begin to put it all down in writing. And just like any sort of change or transition in life, I am both apprehensive and excited for this program to be over. It’s a little sad because there is so much more to do and explore in Hangzhou that I probably won’t be able to. There are a million parks, restaurants, people, shops, I really want to have time to take in and explore.

However, the worst thing about Hangzhou CET ending will be leaving the people behind. It is really going to difficult to watch most of the American students get on their planes to return to America. These are people I have shared the experience of getting plopped down down in a foreign country and being forced to adjust with. It’s a different type of relationship than I have had with any other people and I’m going to miss most of these people who have made my daily life so much fun.

Equally difficult will be leaving theChinese students behind too. I can’t tell you how warm and patient (and so much freaking fun) these kids are. They sat there everyday, listening to our fumbled Chinese, explaining everything about their lives in China, answering a million questions, translating restaurant menus, taking us out into the city, and even opening their homes up to us. All the American students are so lucky as they are such a useful resource but more importantly really great friends. It makes we want to open my home/life up to a foreign student/person at some point in my life. It is such a wonderful. unique experience.

Accompanying these sort of blah feelings is pure excitement for my future in China.After Hangzhou CET I have 3 weeks before classes in Beijing start. I have already got some preliminary (but flexible) plans. Basically as soon as CET ends a bunch of us are racing to Shanghai to see the world fair. I think it will be a really awesome experience as a lot of other students have said the pavilions are super cool (even though the lines are horrendous). After that Wang Su and I will be doing a little traveling and stuff for a while (as he has some time before he is heading to attend school in Belgium this year). We are probably going to check out some different cities or climb some mountains or something. After that he has invited to his house in Wenzhou for a while. That will be a nice change a pace from frantic travelling to relax and explore one place for a while. After that I will start traveling to Beijing. I plan on taking a train and stopping 3 to 4 times to explore cities and spend the night by myself in these different places. Traveling on my own will be an exciting experience and I really don’t think it will be that difficult.

As exciting as those plans are… I still have a test, a final performance, and 3 lessons to memorize before any of that can happen. I just can’t believe my time in Hangzhou is going to be over so quickly.


I’m going to miss you Hangzhou!!!


1 Response to “夏天的CET 结束了吗? Summer CET is Finished?”

  1. 1 Kristin
    August 2, 2010 at 3:23 am

    Of course all the Asian women hit on you, you’re the cute American boy! Also, Wang Su sounds unbelievably awesome! I’m so glad that you and your summer roommate have gotten along so well. Good luck with your final bits of work and enjoy your break! Miss you!

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